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Universal Citizenship  

whitfield Whitfield won the International Documentary Challenge 2006 best biography genre film. It has also been aired on Current TV's cable channel. It is a first hand account of an Army Ranger's combat experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.



The Garden

garden The garden is a story of how one's connection to the natural world can be deepened by spirituality, and wisdom tradition.



Farm To Table

Local farmingFarm to Table placed in the top 25 of the International Documentary Challenge 2008 and won the award for best Nature genre film. It is the story of how far our economic world has been seperated from the natural world.



Succession Race

tree This is an amusing short that was filmed for the Ferry Beach Ecology School. It shows plants in a race for some percious sunlight.



Todd's Lesson in the Forest

kids Ferry Beach Naturalist, Todd Dowling leads students through a forest ecology lesson.



Squirrel Goes to the Beach

squirrel? A forest squirrel recounts her horrible travel experiences...



Food For Thought

SOIL!Humans Harness the power of NATURE!!!